Our Services

Managed IT support for business and enterprise

The technology services your company depends on should not cause you stress or worry. We also believe that bringing a personal, human touch to IT is the best way to solve computer problems and provide quality service. All of our clients get an executive-level technical consulting service offering to help their technology run efficiently and worry-free. Our IT service is different because of the people we hire. Our technicians don’t want to stay behind a desk or a phone all day. We know that being out with our clients helps us to proactively solve their problems. At Executech, you get more than just a technical expert, you get a personal, friendly consultant that is ready and willing to help you with any problem. We are available 24/7/365 and we can diagnose and resolve your most difficult issues quickly and efficiently including but not limited to (Network components, Hardware infrastructure, Virtualization technology, Storage, backup, database and applications).

Training and Knowledge Transfer

IraqSky have leader instructors in IT and technology, helping individual and organizations the skills they need to succeed in an ever changing.
With our leader instructors and training tools, IraqSky has the unique flexibility to deliver a broad portfolio of courses online, in customer location, and in classrooms

Managed Data Center Service

Whether you have existing datacenter or none whatsoever, we can design, create and build different types of datacenter and tiers by our certificated team.
And Provides end-to-end managed datacenter service including management and monitoring, maintain the required SLA, maximized up time, and is supported by a 24/7 support team


Web hosting knowledge is in our bones, and we’ve been excelling at it since the early days of the interwebs. Since then, we’ve expanded internationally because of our commitment to helping people around the globe build their site their way. IraqSky has a long-term partnership with tier-one hosting providers in different countries to keep the customers satisfying with the provided service

Communication Services

IraqSky have a wealth of experience of providing mission critical infrastructure in Iraq. This includes services Oil & Gas, mobile operators, government and private sectors installations. Our experience of the Iraqi market has been acquired from over 10 years of operations, our services including but not limited to:
– High Speed Internet service.
– High Speed International clear channel service.
– High speed local (close network) service.
– High Speed multi-homed transit service.
– High speed SD-WAN service.
– High speed End to End international MPLS services.