Our Solutions

Data Center solution 

Enterprise data centers are doing more than ever, from ever-expanding storage management to bandwidth-intensive virtualized and cloud applications. With IraqSky Integrated infrastructure solutions, your data center is ready for all this and more.

We build our integrated solutions to deploy simply, to operate reliably, and to provide the adaptability your data center needs to evolve and expand as demands grow

Our Data Center integrated solutions offer has been structured around four major objectives which allow us to provide an optimum response to the specific issues and needs of data centers: efficiency, availability, scalability, and security.

IraqSky can deliver the foundation you need to compete and win.

Surveillance solution 

Cities and Large-scale organizations require equally large surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras to protect critical assets and reduce blind spots in the environment and high storage capacity for recording and reviewing.

We have a partnership with Surveillance manufacturing leaders in worldwide and expert team specialized in design, plan, deploy, manage and operate.

Network Infrastructure solution 


Though structured cabling has existed for many years, the trends and technology surrounding current and future speed, bandwidth and power requirements change continually. You can trust IraqSky to stay current and supply you with the right solutions for your needs. Our trained certified installers provide detailed installations and properly documented and tested cabling systems based on cabling infrastructure standards for inside and outside plant.

Through Our partner cabling manufacture, we provides 25 years product life and warranty.

Network Security Solution  


We live in an age where technology is constantly changing and cyber threats are becoming harder to detect. Today’s organizations are turning to a variety of solutions to secure their security infrastructure. Whether you’re in the cloud, the data center, or both. Our integrated end to end Network Security solutions simplify your security without impacting network performance, provide a unified approach for streamlined operations, and enable you to scale for continued business growth.

Application System 

Our expert team members experienced across multiple tech stacks can help organization and government sectors to rapidly build or maintain the applications enterprise systems. IraqSky has expert that can successfully delivered the products on – time and within budget for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses and large enterprises. We have a verity applications solution including but not limited to (ERP System, Health System, Finance System, warehouse management system, inventory system etc.).