About Us

In this era of Technology Revolution, Iraq Sky Communications is leading the way to transform how people utilize Internet to communicate, conduct business, gain information, and carry out transactions. We boast of our Industrial competence with specialized high-performance technology and state-of-the-art equipment required for speed, stability, security. Our facilities are equipped with the world class client server systems and tools to carry out design, development, testing, training and offsite support to our clients.

Our Vision

Bring the latest technology to Iraq Country and provide secure, reliable affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services and automation system anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development.

Our Value

IraqSky Communication LLC. Values are consistently aligned with the Vision and Mission to the extent that they are instrumental for achieving these, and fundamentally reflect an ethical attitude based on principles of tolerance, respect and cooperation with all the stakeholders with which the company wishes to develop and consolidate its relationship, Values with our Members and Partners:
– Customer Caring.
– We put our customers at the center of everything we do.
– Trustworthy.
– We are true to our promises.
– Innovative
– We continuously invent new opportunities through creative thinking.
– Responsive.
– We are ready to listen and act promptly.
– Teamwork.
– We are one team with a common purpose to achieve common goals.
– Excellence.
– We are committed to exceptional performance.

Our Coverage

The service provided by IraqSky is available in all governorates of Iraq, Baghdad and all other governorates, where our technical and administrative resources are available on an ongoing basis, as well as providing all devices and equipment that deliver the service to the final user completely