Who We Are?

IraqSky communications is an Iraqi company registered at the Iraqi government with a capital of 8,000,000,000 (Eight Billion Iraqi Dinars), it is one of the most steady Iraqi companies working in the communication sector, providing best solutions for advanced information technologies, and developing strategic projects for the governmental and private sectors.

IraqSky Communications is a 100% Iraqi company registered under the Iraqi law and the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce in 2010 working in the field of telecommunications and Internet services and information technology in addition to building medium and large networks Inside Iraq and other countries in the world IraqSky Communications is one of  Iraqi company to hold an authorization from the Ministry of Communications – the General Company for Post & Telecommunications to build and deploy automate system application for government sector. 

IraqSky Communications staff consists of 50 engineers and more than 150 technicians from both genders that come from every place in Iraq to work on the operation, maintenance, and development of the system application, network and the distribution of Internet services in addition to the administrative staff that runs all branches of the institution.In this era of Technology Revolution, Iraq Sky Communications is leading the way to transform how people utilize Internet to communicate, application system, conduct business, gain information, and carry out transactions. We boast of our Industrial competence with specialized high-performance technology and state-of-the-art equipment required for speed, stability, security. Our facilities are equipped with the world-class client server systems and tools to carry out design, development, testing, training and offsite support to our clients. With our high speed communication links, and automation system, Iraq Sky provides a full range of IT services, with commitment to quality, timely delivery and expertise on the latest technologies.

Iraq Sky Communications will take you to a different level of connectivity and automation system that will alter your perception of speed and reliability, introduce you to cutting-edge products and solutions that will change your way of life. The time to stop settling for just the average is now. The answer to mediocrity is here. Experience life’s full potential with Iraq Sky Communications today. We are here to take you higher. (Or We redefine quality (connectivity and automation) an extra mile ahead.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our communities with progressive high quality communication technology services and automation systems that enhance the value of life and economic development in the area we serve. Our goal is to provide efficiencies in communication technology consistent with the urban areas while living in a rural area.
We take pride in excellent service, integrity, and community involvement. We recognize that our employees are vital to this organization and the achievement of this mission. We are committed to maintaining the progressive growth and success of this organization.